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To carry on the business of providing Manpower placement for executives, Middle Management, contractors, and office management for Indian and International clients in various vertical of industries like . I.T Sector, Engineering, PMC, FMS Service, General Management & staffing in Government / semi Government / Public Limited , Education Sector ,Top Institute , Contract and Procurement outsource ,Third party verification and certification ,Reference Checking and others services as per the needs of our clients and Industries . We provide the consultancy and Coordination services Services for raising the funds through SME & MSME IPO . We provide the consultancy service for Joint Ventures and Business Development and association services in different sectors.

ACCLERO MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTANCY PRIVATE LIMITED . is a dynamic consulting firm that specializes in various business domains. Our primary focus is on providing comprehensive HR services, including manpower placement and recruiting across diverse industry verticals such as IT, engineering, project management, facilities management services, general management, government, semi-government, public and private sectors, as well as the education sectors.

In addition to our HR services, we are specialized in providing consultancy for joint ventures, business development & Consultation and Coordination for Raising fund for SME & MSME sectors through IPO . Our comprehensive suite of services allows us to cater to the diverse and evolving needs of businesses seeking strategic partnerships, collaboration, and expansion opportunities.

We provide the consultancy service for Joint Venture and Business Development and association and consultancy services .


The vision of ACCLERO MANAGEMENT AND CONSULTANCY PRIVATE LIMITED is to be the premier partner for organizations seeking excellence in human resource management, consultancy, and business development. We are dedicated to driving sustainable growth, fostering innovation, and empowering businesses to achieve their strategic goals through our comprehensive and tailored services, including providing specialized consultancy & coordination for raising the funds for SME and MSME companies through IPOs.